Understanding PCB Assembly

Not all know what PCB assembly is all about. You have heard of it before from seldom do anyone have any idea of what it is. To shed light on the matter, let us explore more on the subject. We are using many devices for personal or business use. In today’s generation, almost everyone, even children own one device. It is because our modern life is surrounded with innovations and technology that are created and designed for our comfort and convenience. Nonetheless, though we own more than one electronic device or gadget, beyond knowing how to use then, we don’t have any idea on how they were created. Only a few people with special skill were behind this task of creating and designing them. Before these electronic gadgets reach the marketplace where we purchase them, they have gone through a long and complicated process. Nonetheless, regardless of how long and intricate is the process, it all starts with the material – the silicone or other semiconductor materials. PCB AssemblyThrough this intricate and expensive process, smart chips and microprocessors which are used to run your devices are created. They are created from what they called “wafers”. Wafers are made from melted and cooled silicone crystals and then later sliced into disks to be used later in making microchips. Without a printed circuit board, these microchips are nothing. They need to be integrated to a PCB assembly in order for them to activate electronic devices like computers, handsets, and other mobile devices among others. Some companies designs and sell end-products but don’t involve themselves in the manufacturing as equipment used in the PCB assembly is too expensive. There are some companies who are specializing in the assembly and manufacturing and they offer these services to other companies who are not interested in this line of production. To give you an insight on how an electronic manufacturing and PCB assembly company works, here are some of the steps involved in the making of a PCB assembly.
Solder Paste Printing
This is the basic binding of a material of the devices in the PCB. During this process, the initial solder paste is being printed to the PCB using a stencil. The initial step in building your electronic is applying the solder to the board. Solder paste is made up of small metallic balls or solder mixed with flux – a chemical that aids in the melting and bonding of metals. The solder is a gray paste that must be used in exact amount and exact places when applied to the board.
SMT Pick and Place Assembly
This where you take all the individual microchips and accurately put them in their proper designated places on the PCB. After the solder paste has been applied, your board will then be moved to the pick and place machine where a robot will automatically grab and position your components into correct places so that they can be soldered to the board. SMT stands for Surface Mount Components.
Reflow or Through-Hole Curing
After the chips were placed onto the solder paste, the board is then placed in a conveyor oven to melt the solder and hence, bond the chip to the PCB.
Conformal Coating
There are some boards that require a protective coating. The conformal selective coating machine takes care of this by accurately providing a layer of protective coating on the PCB.
These stand for Automatic Inspection and Automated X-ray Inspection. This is applied to ensure that there are no factory defects while in the process of assembly.
If there are mistakes or defects committed, they need to be reassembled and reworked to ensure perfection in the quality and performance. Reworking can be done by reheating the board and removing it from the PCB for a new replacement. Each process is complicated and requires extra attention to details and skillful performance. Individual specialist manufacturers are assigned on each PCB assembly process to ensure ultimate performance.

Basics in link building

We all hate traffic jams. Waiting inside the car hours upon hours just to reach a certain destination is truly a waste of time. However, there is one type of traffic we all want – website traffic. In this day and age, we live in two worlds – the physical world and the virtual world, or the internet. There are currently over two billion websites in the internet and not all of these get enough traffic to generate income. This is where Link Building comes into play. Link Building is the process of creating links and connections of a website to external pages for it to eventually have more visits.

However, link building may be a bit tricky at first. There are a lot of things you need to know. The following are some basics in link building.

Benefits of Link Building

Benefits of Link BuildingThe first thing one needs to know is the benefits of link building. As aforementioned, link building increases the site’s traffic. More people will know about you and your product. When you have more visits, there is a greater likelihood of earning and selling products. Link building will most likely result to earning.

Aside from this, the website or the brand is also established. Through link building, the website and the brand will have more chances of getting known in the industry.

Finally, through link building, you are also able to establish real-world connections. In the process of link building, you talk to the other people in the industry, thus creating a relationship not only in the virtual world but also in the real world as well.

Types of links

Another basic in link building is the types of links. There are two types of links – natural and artificial.

linksNatural links come from real people. There is no intervention of a program or machine. An example of this is guest blogging. In guest blogging, you talk to a blogger and ask if he could feature your brand on his blog. The blog would also need to link back to you. The blogger would most likely be more than happy to do so since this would be new content for his blog. Natural links need the prompt of people which would entail that it takes time in building such links. However, these links last longer. As long as the link is active, it could still continue to generate traffic for your own page.

On the other hand, artificial links are those born from computer or program intervention. There are certain programs that could help you in link building. Artificial links are easier to create than natural links however they are also more expensive to make.

Link Building Tactics

The most effective way of garnering visits is through content link building. As its name suggests, the content of a website is its greatest asset. Aside from articles, you could also include pictures, videos, graphs and infographs. Make the site appealing to the senses.

link buildingLink building through social media accounts is also a favorite strategy of businessmen and web marketers. They post content on social media accounts that would appeal to the readers and lead them back to their main website.

You could also get your customers to link-build for you! Start competitions, contests and promos that would require them to share, tweet, post and link back to you.

There are a lot of link building strategies but don’t just stick to one link building strategy, learn to diversify. Use different strategies; see what would work for you.

Also try to use a link building strategies that are different from what your competitors use. This would set your site apart from your competitors and avoid confusion as well.

Lastly, always take the search engine’s criteria in ranking the search engine results. The search engine ranks sites that are frequently visited and with high quality content higher in the results.

There are a lot of things to consider in link building. However, the basics in link building listed in this article are all you need for now.

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Difference Between Private Offices And Movable Cubicles

Movable cubicles are the latest craze in these recent times.But latest surveys show that private offices are going to continue to exist. This is because private offices are still preferred by storage company managers, executives, and officers as they give them the sufficient privacy required of their business positions. Whether for rank and file employees or higher management and corporate officers, both movable cubicles and private offices do provide the right amount of privacy, only at different levels.

Look at some of the differences between the two:

1 Movable cubicles are more flexible, but only private offices can give the privacy needed by those with higher positions. Cubicles offer enough privacy for staff workers to have more focus on their tasks, but because they only have three walls, and most often all do not touch the ceiling, privacy is less. In a cubicle, people can still see and hear the person inside it and can enter the premises whenever they want to even without the tenant’s consent. However, cubicles are best to encourage better communication and collaboration among team members, which are highly important in an organization.

storage containerBecause it has a door, a private office gives more seclusion. A manager can perform all his corporate functions better inside it. He can read and assess classified company documents and can make and receive confidential phone calls without worrying about whether someone might be watching or how loud his voice is.

2. Movables cubicles have lesser space than private offices,and that may prove to be better when you think of the financial bottom line. The average size of a modern cubicle is eight feet by eight feet, with walls of five to six feet in height. Some are more or less bigger or smaller. This standard size proves to be effective in finding the right balance between privacy and accessibility.

While private offices have more than enough space for a person, the problem is it is usually occupied by only one single person. This kind of arrangement is not cost-effective if applied to all employees of the company. It is better that the corporate officers only have this privilege. Besides, they all need and deserve it.

3. Both movable cubicles and private offices can give you the isolation to increase your productivity and the opportunity to be interrupted. It just depends on how you will handle both. In terms of teamwork and collaboration, cubicle sare better as you are easily available for your teammate to talk to and ask important questions. A private office can also be interrupted by asking its occupant’s permission by politely knocking.

4. Private offices are more of a status symbol. If you have one, it’s more than likely that you are a manager, an executive, or a CEO. Having your own office is a sign of honor and distinction that says you are “already there.”

According to a 2007 survey conducted by leading office furniture company Herman Miller, 95 percent of company executives and 89 percent of senior managers still prefer to work in private offices.

5. Private offices are more comfortable in terms of space and size, but cubicles are more effective when it comes to teamwork, creativity, and innovation. Some corporate quality assessment survey results reveal that it is more important for an employee to be empowered in using his ingenuity and imagination and to have his opinions heard than to have a comfortable workspace.

The right balance of private offices and cubicles are needed for a company to sustain excellent performance. Both have their pros and cons, and with the right mix, an organization can take full advantage of the strong points of both types of workstations.

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How To Prolong Your Neck Lanyard’s Life

It will lead to a lot of problems if you will not take care of your neck lanyards properly. Just like with any other possession, taking good care of your lanyards is very important.

Neck lanyardOne of the biggest challenges when owning a neck lanyard is fading. When a neck lanyard is exposed to extreme temperature, whether it is high or low temperature, it can directly affect the color, prints, and dyes used in the lanyard which can cause fading.

Another problem which may arise from not taking care of your lanyard is fraying. Once a lanyard is exposed to any pointed or sharp objects, it will cause it to fray. If no actions were taken to stop the fraying, it will just go larger and larger and you will not have any choice but to dispose the lanyard.

Steps On How You Can Properly Take Care of Your Neck Lanyards

To ensure that your lanyards are of high quality state, you should wash them as needed. Here is the step-by-step procedure on how you can wash your neck lanyards.

1.Before you start washing the lanyards, prepare all the materials that you need.

• Plastic bucket or bowl

• Warm water

• Detergent

• Stain remover (of your preference)

• Baking soda

• Your old toothbrush (or any soft bristled brush)

2.Pour the warm water in the plastic bucket or bowl. Dissolve the detergent in the warm water.

3.Soak the lanyards into the warm soapy water mixture and let it sit there for about one to two hours or as needed (depending on how dirty your lanyards are).

4.Once complete soaked, get the lanyards one by one from the warm soapy water and scrub using your old toothbrush.

5.If there are other stains like molds or rusts on the lanyards which cannot be removed using the warm soapy water, use your chosen stain remover. Keep in mind that if you prefer to use a powdered stain remover, you need to apply it directly on the lanyard. If you prefer a liquid stain remover, you need to pour it in a bowl and let the lanyards sit there for about one hour. Do not use bleach on any colored lanyards. Bleach can weaken the strap and cause the lanyard’s colors to fade. If you prefer to use bleach, make sure that you either use it on white colored lanyards or weaken the bleach by dissolving it in water before using.

6.Scrub the lanyards again to remove the excess dirt and rust.

7.Give the lanyards a final rinsing using cold water.

8.Air dry the lanyards completely.

Useful Tips In Washing Your Lanyards

• Use a mild detergent when washing your neck lanyards. A mild detergent will not damage prints and designs of your lanyards. It also helps in maintaining the quality. Detergents with strong chemical content can remove the dirt and stains of your lanyards but it can damage their designs.

• Do not use too much force when scrubbing the lanyards since it may scrub the designs off. Remember to scrub the lanyards gently with a soft bristled brush.

• A lot of people are also using their washing machines in washing their lanyards. This method is possible, however, if your lanyards contain materials made of metal or plastic, it is highly advisable to remove them first then wash the lanyards according to your washing machine’s washing direction.

• If the lanyard is made of plastic or if it contains any metal, use a clean, soft cotton cloth when drying them. On the other hand, if your lanyards are made of cloth or fabric, dry them by hanging them under the sun. Avoid using a dryer when drying your lanyards because the extreme heat may cause the removal of the designs of your neck lanyards.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Golf Shoes

Golf is a sport that requires its practioners to utilize clubs in order to hit dimple-filled golf balls and place them inside holes. Researchers suggest that this game was invented by the Scots, who also created certain rules for playing it. During the previous centuries, players would often play this game while wearing their long coats and fluffy dresses. Nowadays, golf organizations allow golfers to wear polo shirts and shorts. If you’re planning to learn this game, make sure to purchase your own set of golf balls and clubs. Buying golf apparel is also a must. Most golf equipment including the apparel can be bought in stores selling sporting goods. They are also available in some online shops that offer golf-related items. Golf course officials also recommend the players to purchase golf shoes that usually contain spikes. Buying them is as important as getting clubs and balls. To know more about these shoes, below is a list containing their advantages and disadvantages.
Golf shoes have their own set of advantages. There are some reasons why golfers wear them before playing games.
Designed for golfers
Golf ShoesThe great thing about these shoes is that, they were exclusively designed for golfers. Most golf organizations require players to wear them. It will be hard to learn how to play golf without them. Golf shoes were created to help players walk and perform in slippery and muddy areas.
Can prevent golf-related accidents
Aside from providing comfort and feet support, these shoes can also prevent players from experiencing golf-related accidents. The spikes help them accomplish it. These attachments also help the players in maintaining balance. Without the spikes, it will be hard for golfers to reach rough areas fast. There’s also a tendency for them to slip and fall in golf courses.
Have various types
Just like other athletic shoes, these shoes have a lot of types as well. If you want classic-looking shoes, you can go for the leather ones while those who like light and soft shoes can pick the ones made from synthetics. There are also special shoes designed for specific seasons like golf boots which are used during the winter season and golf sandals that are perfect for summer. Some of these shoes are also affordable. You can buy a branded pair of golf shoes online for as low as $20.
If these shoes have advantages, they also have disadvantages as well and here are some of them.
Can only be used for golf
Golf ShoeThe exclusivity of these shoes can be considered as a disadvantage as well. Athletes who prefer using multi-purpose shoes might not like them. The features of these shoes are different from ordinary rubber shoes. Runners and Football players will surely buy special shoes designed for them instead of these shoes that might affect their performance.
Replaceable spikes
The spikes of these shoes can also bring various problems to golfers. During the old days, several golf clubs banned players from wearing shoes with metal spikes because these items can damage the greens in golf courses. Nowadays, people use replaceable plastic spikes or spikeless shoes to prevent damaging golf course facilities. Since these spikes can be detached, some players might accidentally lose them. Losing them will require you to buy new ones and some people might find it impractical. Players are also required to replace the ones that are worn out already. There are also some cases wherein certain spikes are not available in stores. People who don’t have much time and have no spikeless golf shoes might find it hard to look for them in other shops

Importance of Military Coins

For some, military coins may seem like any other kind of coin but only with a more detailed design. Hence, they appreciate these coins just for their physical beauty. The importance of these coins, however, goes way deeper than that and it’s about time that you learn about it. Soon enough, you’ll be able to give military coins the appreciation that they deserve. millitary coinsMilitary challenge coins were first used during World War 1. Its purpose was specifically limited in the military as a symbol of a person’s alliance to a certain division. Hence, those in the army carry a coin with them with an emblem and name of their division; the same goes to the Air Force and the Navy. During the war, it helped them distinguish their friends from their enemies because once a challenge is made, everyone must be able to show a coin. Challenge coins also encouraged members to rise in the ranks as coins were also a way to signify one’s position. More than that, military challenge coins were also a source of fun because they were used to challenge people to pay for everyone’s drinks. Since the use of military coins today is no longer restricted in the military, its importance has just become bigger. For instance, in organizations and offices, challenge coins are used as a reward for workers and employees that have shown exemplary work. It is a way to give them recognition and symbolize a milestone that they have reached in their jobs. Every member then is inspired to do better in order to get their hands on these coins. Because of that, it boosts the morale of the people to meet their obligations and responsibilities. If other organizations opt for certificates and plaques, some resort to using military challenge coins because of their class and the rich history that associated with them. Military coins can also strengthen the affinity of a person to the association that he belongs to. Some groups give their members, new and old, a challenge coin that was specially designed to symbolize the group and its vision. Owning one, therefore, is an affirmation that you are a valued member and the gesture just intensifies your sense of belonging. With that recognition, each member will naturally be more inclined to be loyal to the organization and to its purpose. This is why some associations nowadays do not wait long to give their members challenge coins. They are instead handed out from day one as a means to welcome new members and inspire them. Challenge coins are also good for business because they do not only encourage members to do their best in their aim to be awarded a coin that recognizes that hard work, but also because they can be used in place of business cards, consequently helping to promote the brand. Some even use coins as promotional materials. This is why it not surprising to find an abundance of military challenge coins in circulation today. Take note, though, that their number does not diminish their significance, especially if they are given away for great purposes. Because of the importance of military challenge coins that has never faded through the decades, many are now collecting them for their historical value. Take for example the challenge coins that belonged to an infantry division that played a vital role during the war. Their value today is high, not because of the material used, but because of the story that they represent. Even present-day military challenge coins may seem insignificant now, but since they’re associated with a group or organization, whatever the group achieves will also leave a mark on those coins which may soon become valuable pieces.

Why You Should Consider Homes for Sale Long Island

Long Island has 4 or 2 counties depending on your perspective. Traditionally there are 4 counties: Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, and Queens. The last two are now widely considered as boroughs of New York. This article will discuss several reasons why you should consider homes for sale Long Island. The data and arguments presented will only consist of Suffolk and Nassau Counties. For more details, refer to the articles by the same author or from the same website. Click Here to see the best real estate investment and selling solution.
Home Values
Homes for sale Long Island can be divided into two categories: brand new and distressed (foreclosure homes). The former has an average selling price of $290,000. The latter has an average selling price of $200,000. This means a difference or foreclosure discount amounting to 31.8%. Take note that foreclosure discounts increase or decrease depending on the location. For example, the average foreclosure discount for the Bronx is around 21% while it goes as high as 61% in Schenectady.
HomeIf you only consider Suffolk and Nassau Counties, you have a middle class to upper middle class neighborhood. This means well-kept lawns and relatively safe neighborhoods. The crime index has been at a record low for the past couple of years. There are 656 public schools (125 school districts) as well as 13 hospitals in Nassau and 12 in Suffolk.
Because Long Island is located in the Atlantic, the weather is regarded as somewhere in the middle of humid subtropical and humid continental. This means that the summers are warm and the winters are cold and wet. Average snowfall for the past few years ranged from 25 to 40 inches.
Long Island has a population density of 5,402 per square mile. This figure is very misleading because it includes Queens and Brooklyn. Together, these two have a total population of 4,735,422 whereas Suffolk and Nassau only have a combined population of 2,832,882.
Long Island is comprised of a predominantly white population (54%). African-Americans rank second with 20%. Asians comprise 12%. This may seem insensitive, but surveys state that Nassau and Suffolk tend to have neighborhoods comprised of specific ethnicities and races. In other words, location-wise, there is racial segregation. However, when it comes to overall interaction, there is no such divide. In fact, the segregation is good for business since some locales have made a business out of the divide (e.g. Little Korea, Little China).
HomesLong Island has several modes of public transportation. Primarily, you have the railway system. The subway also goes to and from Long Island. Major highways are also well-maintained. Public roads have sufficient numbers of buses with various routes all over the metro. You have major airports and a couple of small private airports.
Everybody points to New York as the main hub but Long Island also has a thriving business sector. This includes international brands, cutting edge laboratories, and agriculture (east side).
Religion plays an important role to some buyers. Counting all 4 counties, 22% of the population is comprised of Catholics and while Jews make up 7%. If you count only Nassau and Suffolk, the percentages go up to 52 and 16, respectively.
In Closing
If you are interested in homes for sale Long Island, then conduct your own research. Take a road trip within Long Island. You can even conduct an internet search, contact a broker, or ask a bank or lender to show you their foreclosure listing.

5 Ways to Maximize a Keynote Speaker for Businesses

Many prominent keynote speakers charge a lot. Nonetheless, they deliver what is expected of them, usually, with a lot of extras. You will definitely spend for a reliable keynote speaker, but that does not mean you cannot maximize your money’s worth. Prominent speakers can benefit your organization not just by giving an informative and motivational speech, but by boosting your organization’s morale and improving image and industry relevance. Here are five ways to do it.
1. Make a single speaking engagement a whole series
Even an exemplary keynote speaker can only say much in a limited time. For most businesses, a single speaking engagement only motivates and inspires more than help the employees progress in a specific field. Thus, a series of speaking engagements is more applicable. This is usually done to monitor a step-by-step development of employees and have a formal evaluation as well. Keynote speakers who will be hired for a series can also cover the topic more extensively, something that cannot be crunched in a matter of a few minutes or hours.Visit www.motivational-speaker-success.com for more information.This is also a good idea for big organizations with small venues.
2. Commission the speaker for a forum and personal meeting with the audience
Keynote speakerKeynote speakers are the center of attention in events because they have opinions and information that matter. Maximize that by encouraging a discussion and interaction with the audience who might have questions, clarifications and objections. For the sake of healthy argument, you can moderate a forum and make use of your keynote speakers knowledge by extending the time of his availability. If you have small attendance, an additional one-on-one session will help them understand the subject matter more. Many speakers also prefer this kind of setup because it allows them to reach the audience easier and more genuinely.
3. Ask for a consultation
A consultation with a keynote speaker is usually covered in his contract. The only difference is that instead of a whole crowd, the consultation will happen with the organizers and institution higher-ups. This is a perfect time to ask for more sensitive issues regarding a certain topic that only the decision makers should know. Many business organizations do this before the actual speaking engagement as a form of assessment-cum-consultation. Organizers call it “a way to gauge a speaker’s adeptness” with regard to a topic, but now you know better that it is also a way to get free consultation (as if no prior background check has been done to gauge a speaker’s adeptness).
4. Request for the speaker’s speech coverage, outline and main points
If the speaking engagement is a one-time deal only, maximize the content of his speech by requesting for the speech coverage, outline and main points that you can integrate in your own training program and modules. It is rare that a speaker will turn down this request as his job is to impart information and elaborate them to begin with. After the event, you can transform the notes into handouts to be distributed to the attendees and those who are not able to listen to the speech. This way, you can reinforce what they heard in the event.
5. Get an official statement from the keynote speaker
An official statement from a prominent and well-respected speaker can be used for your organization’s promotion and other marketing efforts. It can be placed in your website as a formal address, in your press releases, in your newsletters and even advertisements. If you are good in fishing compliments, you can even use his own word as a type of endorsement. There might come a time when a speaker’s statement can be more useful. Save and hold on to it until the right time has come. Just make sure that you ask for permission.

Create a Custom Coin for your Organization

CoinsAmong the best things that you can create for your organization are custom coins. Custom made coins are inexpensive to make and they are quite easy to produce. Basically, there are two types of processes used for making such tokens. One of which is through the use of die struck bronze and the other is through zinc alloy casting. Zinc alloy castings are often used because of its low cost. As for die struck, they are only used for custom made types and for those which will be used for award purposes. The die struck bronze coins are actually far superior to the zinc alloy types. Basic uses of the coins Besides their challenging purposes, custom coins can be used as an award or reward for an outstanding service or valor. They are used in order to build morale to the troops and they have their place in the modern US military. The tradition of giving out coins among Special Forces can be traced back to the Vietnam War. Officers during that time were assigned as their careers changed and they carried traditional coins as a sign of their recognition. They carried the coins with them as a form of merit and they were praised by the other soldiers. Challenge coins were also common during the Gulf War in the 90s. One of the most common coins that are used in the Air Force is the Bull Dog coin that is provided exclusively for tail gunners. The B-52 gunners were phased out after the war and that is why the value of the coin became more expensive. The Bull Dog custom coins are presented during graduation in the Air Force and they are provided solely by the Gunners Association. In the early age of the bombers, a small nugget was used as a merit. The coin now represents courage and strength in the face of adversity. Only honorary gunners such as leaders and commanders were given this prestigious award.

uses of the coinsThe use of the custom coins can also be seen in other organizations. It has been used in the NFL, World Series of Poker and even in the NASCAR. They are also popular in fraternal organizations, Fire Departments and the police. There was even a group of musicians and staff members who have used the coin as a sign of unity. The National Buffalo Soldiers group has also used the brass coin as a sign of membership.Even those who have purchased a certain item can have a custom made coin coming from the manufacturer. In 2009, a group of Harley Davidson collectors provided coins for those who own a motorcycle. They have provided the coins as a sign of membership to their organization. Those who have the coins were able to show their pride in their ownership of a motorcycle. If you will be seeing this token, you will notice the stamp of an eagle on its side. This practice has also been used by the Brit Iron Rebel Motorcycle Club. They have provided members with a unique token to show their camaraderie and belief.

Some collectors also base their collection according to the numismatic value of the coin. Coins are often given as a sign of accomplishment and prestige. Most collectors have found out that due to the nature of the coin, their value is quite expensive and that is why they buy it out from those who have been awarded. If you will be making a coin for your group, all you have to do is to consider the design. Choose a design that will fit the belief of your group or organization. You can add a text or a banner that depicts the meaning of the coin. Most manufacturers can also provide you with a token made from either gold or silver. All you have to do is to specify the material which will be used for your coins.